New Year, New Rules!

Good News – No Annual Price Increase!

We’ve got a HUGE announcement to make. The rumours are true! All our clients are getting a #NoPriceIncrease

Yes. You read that right. We’re all feeling the January pinch, so we’ve decided to lighten the load a little with No Annual Price Increase.
( We thought our customers might benefit nicely from this little gem. )


Turfsport will soon be launching our new flagship Turfsport 3 (TS3) product.
We will continue to support our existing products, but future change requests and new features will be introduced into the Turfsport 3 product stack.
During this transition period, until the entire TS3 is approved, there will be No Price Increase on the existing Turfsport 2 product stack.

We’ve got some great surprizes up our sleeves for all our customers this year. Watch this space.

Keep your eye on the Turfsport LinkedIn page for updates.

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