The beginning of Spring – Turfsport Update

Turfsport secures Sports Betting platform deals and continues rapid market growth

The start to spring has been an absolutely fantastic and extremely busy time for all of us here at Turfsport, we have signed on a huge new customer for our market leading and truly unique South African retail and online betting platform.

Our major deal is the highly anticipated GG Gaming – the no holds bars disruptive market entrant that promises to change the way online sports betting happens in South Africa. Think no maximum stake, think no limits and think instant payouts – it’s coming soon!

Betgames continues to grow rapidly

Betgames Lucky 5 and Lucky 7 live lotto games has seen extreme rapid growth – bet volumes exceeding 1 million bets in the first month and GGR numbers through the roof! We continue to streamline the integration and watch this space for more live games and a whole host of improved features for this pay and lay environment.

Quickbet – our biggest success yet

Our latest Quickbet funcitonality is flying off our shelves and we are struggling to roll it out fast enough, with enhanced reporting and intelligent analytics coming in our next back office release we see this product as the future of the retail betting environment.

Here is a quick break down of the process :

Using your smart phone browser

  1. Enter and click on the unique Responsive URL.
  2. Navigate to the game you wish to place a bet on, and click on the market pricing button.
  3. Your bet will be added to the bet slip on the right of the page.
  4. Enter the stake you wish to pay (or use the + – buttons to increase or decrease the amount).
    The ‘Total Stake’ and ‘Potential Payout’ values will be updated.
  5. Add additional bets to your bet slip if required, and click ‘Place Bet’ when done.
    If multiple bets are placed the ‘Multiple Bet Options’ button will allow you to confirm your stakes.

Please note that for Horse Racing, only Win, Place, SP, Open/Tote Win and Open/Tote Place bets can be placed using the QuickBet functionality on Turfsport Responsive.

  1. At the QuickBet pop up, enter your cell phone number and click the ‘Bet’ button to reserve your cash QuickBet.
    (At this point you can login / register a new account if you wish to place an account bet instead.)

Proceed to the teller and pay for your QuickBet.
You will receive a printed ticket.

To review your bet using your smart phone, return to the Responsive URL, navigate to the Ticket Lookup menu, enter your printed ticket number and click the ‘LOOKUP’ button.

It’s as simple as CLICK, CLICK, BET!!!

Thank you all for your continued support and suggestions to improve the product even further

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