New Features added to award winning online platform

Features galore in our latest online release

Ticket lookup and Quickbet some of the new features just released

Screenshot of our latest new features added to our online platform
Ticket Lookup and Quickbet added to our latest version of our award winning online platform

Our latest version of our award winning online platform is jam packed full of the coolest features to hit the betting market since Turfsport first built the original software some 30 odd years ago.

We never back down and the great saying “let sleeping dogs lie” has never rung so true for those who ruffled the feathers of Turfsport. Our latest most advanced industry leading betting platform for sports, lucky numbers and horse racing is the most customisable, user friendly and approved software¬†to be launched into the South African betting market.

The new Quickbet and Ticket Lookup functionality is certain to drastically reduce queues and improve your outlets efficiency in taking a bet. Watch this space for more unique customised developments to improve ability to take bets quicker, shorten queues and cutting operational costs.

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