Gambling Indaba 2017

Gambling Indaba 2017 – Millenials are the future

Turfsport attends Gambling Indaba 2017 and contributes to robust debate
Gambling Indaba 2017 – Packed audience expectant for regulatory changes soon

Robust debate, huge illegal gambling numbers, too much regulation – where to next?

The Gambling Indaba 2017 proved once again to be a key date on the South African event calender. Turfsport (represented by their Chief Commercial Officer, Jonathan Siddall) attended the full two day agenda and highlighted the following key notes from the robust discussions :

  1. Regulatory rewrite – both the NGB and GGB made it clear that by this time next year we will have a new set of rules and regulations for our industry. We just hope that the industry key players are consulted before pen is put to paper as the regulations need to be written with a 5-10 year horizon or else we will see significantly subdued growth.
  2. Virtuals, casino, dog racing – approved or not approved? Noone could quite answer our questions or at least noone wanted to put their name behind any resounding comments relating to these products. 2018 could be the game changer, alternatively local brands need to start looking into Africa for further growth.
  3. Mobile and Online – or should we say “interactive gaming” as it is most commonly referred to by regulatory bodies is high on priority. With over 14 million mobile users and over 52% local penetration, surely this should be number 1 priority on everyone’s list, operator and regulator!
  4. Millenials and feeding their tech savvyness – traditional gambling is changing, millenials want more interactive and more strategic based games to test their knowledge and let them earn the “status” they deserve. They all want to stand out and this is demanded not asked for, our warning to operators is either to fit in and succumb to their wishes or face the same fate as the likes of Block Buster.

Catch us soon at the BIG Africa Summit

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