In-Store Displays Update

Have a look at the screen shots from our latest update of our in-store display product. No more need to pay per a shop, per a display etc. this all in one product is available at one fixed price for you the operator. You can customise as many channels and televisions as you wish. The benefits are setout below :

1. Fully customisable to tournament and race level

2. Can be changed from your mobile phone in store

3. As many displays as you want to create

4. All soccer fixtures and coupon numbers are displayed with 3 way odds (others on request)

5. All Horse Racing customised to venue on a single venue, 4 race, 6 race and 9 race view, now showing all results from races, a static race option for big races, open and win prices

6. All lucky numbers draws and results in big bold viewing pleasure – fully customisable to show most popular lotteries draw times and their latest results.

Get in touch now to have a demo and obtain an obligation free quotation.

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